About Us

Hope Agency was founded in 2010 by Mr Jason Han and approved by the Royal Government of Cambodia. Hope agency was created to help the local people work together and to give the local communities the chance to learn English. Jason Han then went on to buy two hectors of land in Bakod village in Takeo province. On this land an open-air classroom was built to accommodate 500 children. As the number of children increased Jason selflessly put his own donations into the school building two new buildings that was created to allow a bigger influx of children to attend the hope agency school.

hopeOn the 9th of February 2012 Original Volunteers, the UK’S biggest volunteer agency approached Mr Han after hearing about the project in Cambodia. This then started the international volunteering program. Hope agency has accommodated volunteers from all over the world. Volunteers have helped with different activities whilst at the school by teaching English, Sport, Arts and Crafts, and by assisting in construction and horticultural work. Hope then started offering local people the chance for work experience and full time employment expanding their knowledge of the English language and increasing future training and employment.

Hope Agency is based in Bakod village, Takeo province approximately 100 km south of Phnom Penh. We are far away from the main tourist areas and backpackers destinations allowing volunteers to see and experience the real Khmer culture and way of life. Like most areas in Cambodia the local people live under the poverty line making them lack in education and general knowledge forcing children and young adults into work which generally involves working in the rice fields or in some type of horticultural background and factories. Hope agency aims to help children, young adults, women and the local communities through education teaching English giving them the skills they need to seek further employment and higher education.