Our Mission & Vision


Hope Agency works to combat the cycle of poverty by empowering women, children and the community through access to education and subsequent sustainable employment opportunities. Hope Agency strives to create a bright and better future for these disadvantaged people.


Hope Agency's vision is to improve the lives of underprivileged Cambodian children. Every Cambodian citizen should be empowered so that they can reach their human right potential. Hope Agency wishes to provide sustainable, stable living conditions, education, basic nourishment, stable home environments, healthcare and vocational training skills.


Hope Agency aims to improve the lives of disadvantaged Cambodian people, especially women and children. Its specific goals include:

  • Providing children with access to education, stable support networks, adequate nourishment and health care
  • Freeing children from exploitation in the workplace and promoting fairness and wage equality in later life
  • Giving children the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate their childhoods
  • Providing education to participating communities and promoting the value of children’s education
  • Creating educational and employment based opportunities for illiterate, unemployed women to sponsor personal development and  to enable the pursuit of meaningful careers – for example, teaching English or working with textiles
  • Improving the socio-economic statuses of disadvantaged rural communities in Cambodia through integrative rehabilitation programs and the provision of skills, such as modern farming techniques, poultry husbandry and vegetable growing in order to lay the foundations for self-sufficient, sustainable communities
  • Improving the general quality of life of underprivileged Cambodians through nutritional and social education, and teaching families and communities to live sustainably, promoting respect and equality
  • Breaking the cycle of poverty by increasing standards of living through education and vocational training
  • Eliminating child labor in the community through social reform, education and training skills