Our main focus at hope is to teach Children in the local communities English to give them further knowledge, job opportunities and potentially further training. All of our students that attend Hope are bursting with excitement and enthusiasm showing a great willingness to learn and improve. We teach different age ranges from the age 3 to 23. All our students are tested and assessed and put in to the same academic levels of the other students. Teaching is mainly in the afternoon the reasons for this is that we work around the Khmer public schools trying to give the majority of children the opportunity to attend Hope. During the times 8am to 9.30pm volunteers are coordinated to different aspects of the project some volunteers are asked to work in the vegetable fields, some are asked to help with construction that maybe taking place in the school or in the village and others help clear the school and helping keep the school grounds and the volunteer communal area clean and tidy.

When not in class you can play sports or games with the children, read books or do arts and crafts activities, which they love.

Outwith this, volunteers can also help out with manual work, office and admin duties and, as mentioned, can make visits to the orphanage in Takeo.

It is worth mentioning that your tenure here will to some degree determine the type of help you will be involved in, and to what level. Volunteers staying for several months may be given additional duties: this is at the absolute discretion of the Director and on a needs-must basis.