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Be inspired by HOPE!

During our stay in Cambodia, we spent two weeks volunteering with Hope Agency at a rural school in Bakod Village, Takeo Province. Hope is the brain-child of Jason Han, a local whose vision is to improve the lives of underprivileged Cambodian children through education. Despite running away from home at a young age to escape […]


My time at Hope by Kyle Wintworth

To be in a foreign land, amongst foreign faces scared me. How was it possible, I thought, to feel at “home” as well as gain enough confidence to teach a class of +20 when I was feeling lost…and alone? Little did I know, all of that changed in what felt like a blink of an eye. I […]


My life at Hope – Leighanne Campbell

This is my 2nd time at the project. I first came for one month in July 2016 and I completely fell in love with Cambodia, Hope School and the students! I knew I had to come back! I returned in April 2017 and had planned to stay for 2 months but I’m still here and […]


A day in the life at TCVP: Kirsten Malton

So there’s no two days the same at The Cambodia Volunteer Project, however we do have a basic routine for day to day life as you can imagine when you teach English abroad. In the morning we all take turns doing chores (I know, not ideal when your on your gap year) e.g. sweeping the […]