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A day in the life at TCVP: Kirsten Malton

So there’s no two days the same at The Cambodia Volunteer Project, however we do have a basic routine for day to day life as you can imagine when you teach English abroad.

In the morning we all take turns doing chores (I know, not ideal when your on your gap year) e.g. sweeping the dorms, tidying classrooms or gardening but it is actually a really good laugh! Then at 9.30am we come together in the communal area for breakfast – hopefully banana pancakes!


Wednesdays we share a tuk tuk with driver Mr Tree to Ang Ta Som market for Wi-Fi or any bits and bobs we may need. Next to school is Bit’s shop/ laundry/ pub where during the day you can buy snacks and at night play cards with a cheeky beer.

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Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays we visit Takeo orphanage. These are my favourite mornings. I am always greeted by Channy a 13-year-old girl with paintings or drawings she’s made for me. Each day I bring different activities to play with the children: colouring, painting and jigsaws for the younger kids. If you do decide to go abroad to teach bring resources as they are always useful! The older girls love to plait our hair and the boys love to drag us to play football and basketball.


When you teach English abroad generally the  lessons start at 1PM (though you’ll most likely hear children playing outside from half past 12) and continue up until 6.30pm. I can guarantee you will spend every day being high-fived, hugged and called lop-lop.

Dinner is every evening at 6.30pm leaving plenty of time each night to relax, lounge in the hammocks or pop down to the pub.

It was simply the greatest time of my life and I cannot wait to come back. I urge anyone to teach English abroad whilst exploring and adventure whilst also empowering and educating underprivileged children to press the button below!

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