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My life at Hope – Leighanne Campbell

This is my 2nd time at the project. I first came for one month in July 2016 and I completely fell in love with Cambodia, Hope School and the students! I knew I had to come back! I returned in April 2017 and had planned to stay for 2 months but I’m still here and don’t plan on leaving anytime soon!


I have been lucky to be able to teach one of my original classes again, The Sunflowers. The students all remembered me from the previous year which truly touched my heart!

It’s amazing to see the students I taught, one year on and how they’ve grown and progressed!

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When I have asked my younger students what they want to be when they grow up they’ve told me things like a chicken farmer, coffee seller or to work on the rice field. These are typical jobs for Cambodian people and they earn very little money from them.

I asked my Sunflowers, who are now all 12-15, what they want to do in the future and there replies made me smile so much. Nita wants to be a banker, Rotha wants to be a teacher, Srey Lin wants to be an interpreter, Srey Neat wants to be a doctor and Chipou wants to be a cardiologist! Watching them progress and helping them become the person they want to be is such an amazing feeling and is my greatest achievement!

I feel truly blessed and privileged to have taught all my students at The Cambodia Volunteer Project. I could not recommend volunteering here enough! It will truly change your life and you will leave a piece of your heart here, just like me!

I can safely say Hope is my home away from home! ?❤️

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