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Why should you volunteer in Cambodia?

A brief insight into why we started The Cambodia Volunteer Project!

When people hear of Cambodia, they automatically picture quaint Southeast Asian communities, unique and colourful Asian cuisine, and of course, Angkor Wat, listed as one of the wonders of the world. They are captured by the glamour of all the tourist attractions of this country that have strived to get to the pedestal of greatness.

However, behind all the splendour of the tourist sites is rural Cambodia, a place that is still untouched by development and innovation. The need to empower the rural communities of Cambodia, improve the overall lifestyle of the people and teach the children, led to the creation of The Cambodian Volunteer Project.

Everyone one of us owes it to ourselves to make the world a much better place than we currently make it. While we can’t fix it all at once, nothing says you can’t start with a single step.

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Why Volunteer?

A lot of us are empathetic of the feelings and problems of others. We see the struggles they go through every day and wish to relieve some of their burdens but are at a loss on how to do that.

Are you tired of feeling helpless? Then the best way to get rid of that feeling is to get up and do something about it.

So, come on and join The Cambodia Volunteer Project as a volunteer instead of waiting around for something good to happen.

Do you care to make an impact on the lives of people? Then volunteering is the way to go. By coming out to make a difference, you will be filling the world with just a little hope and in the process inspiring someone else to do the same. Additionally, volunteering also gives you fulfilment which in turns makes you want to do more for the people around you.

What is The Cambodian Volunteer Project?

The purpose of The Cambodian Volunteer Project is to improve the lives of every child in first Bakod Village and eventually the rest of rural Cambodia through education. We achieve this with the effort of every volunteer. The Cambodia project operates under four general principles:

  • Empowerment

One of those unwritten rules of life is that knowledge is power. Our first goal with this project is to empower every child with the knowledge they need to pursue further studies when they are older. Our dream is to nurture tomorrow’s teachers, bankers, doctors, and leaders.

  • To Make a Positive Impact on Their Way of Life

As a volunteer in the Cambodia Volunteer Project, you should always strive to make an impact not just on the lives of the kids but in their communities as well. Currently, the crop of volunteers has done their upmost to raise the economy of the village, improve the standard of living, provide new housing and farmlands, and actively engage in many other projects aimed at enhancing their way of life.

  • Educating The Kids

Another one of our high priority goals is to teach the children English. Without our volunteers, most of the kids who speak won’t have been taught English. Because English is a language with a global reach, having them learn it increases the opportunities they have to make their life better and broadens their horizons in unimaginable ways.

  • Have Fun

Last but not least, as a volunteer on this project, you will get to have some fun too. Nothing beats experiencing the gentle nature of untouched Cambodia. So, no matter how busy your week is, always remember to have fun. It makes you happy, and that good cheer is bound to spread to everyone around you.

Benefits of the Cambodia Project

Even though the general aim of the project is to teach the kids English as well as improve the quality of their of lives, our volunteers also experience some benefits during their stay. Some of these advantages include:

  • No Admin Fee Necessary

You don’t need to pay any admin fee to be a part of this project. The only fee you’ll ever pay is a donation ($250) which is channeled to the school for its continued upkeep.

  • Cultural Education

Is there a better way of learning about the rich cultural heritage of Cambodia than to indulge in it? Not at all. As you go about teaching the kids the English language and participating in other activities, you will also get the chance to learn about the beautiful Cambodian culture through your everyday experiences, and from the English speaking Cambodians you meet and interact with.

  • Employment

Signing up as a volunteer is also a great way to improve your chances of securing jobs in the future. Volunteering is a great way of boosting your skills for whatever future career path you choose. And to top it all up, we will give you a reference at the end of your stay that can be put to use in the future.

  • Sustainable Benefits

Every donated fund is used in promoting sustainable projects that will be beneficial to the people for years to come. The aim is to develop projects that will help Cambodia become a nation that can sustain itself and enrich the lives of all its citizens. You will be part of this great thing.

  • Excellent Cost of Living

The cost of living is amazingly cheap. All volunteers get free accommodation (although sometimes you may have to share, only with someone of the same sex). Also, you can get two meals a day and coffee and tea for a weekly sum of $27.50.

  • Completely Safe and Organised

If you’d rather avoid mingling with the crowd and would prefer to come straight to the project grounds, we can have that easily arranged for an extra cost. A driver will be made available to pick you up from the airport and bring you directly to the project grounds.

If you would like to make a difference in the world, then join those making a change and impact in the world in the smallest but most significant way you can.

Apply for The Cambodia Project today. As part of our team of volunteers, you will get to change the lives of so many needy people in the world. What could be more fulfilling than that?

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